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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take some time to go through this page as it contains some of the most frequent and general questions asked about our services.

It is not supposed to be a complete list, however, it can probably answer most of the simple questions that an independent traveller may have, when planning his / her holiday for the summer.

Just click on the question you have, in order to scroll down to the answer.

  1. How do I hire a car ?
    For your car hire, we offer our very competitive car hire services. Corfu car hire
  2. I am on a Cruise Ship, Car I hire a car for one day ?
    Yes. Please enquire for our very competitive rates.
  3. Are the cars fully insured ?
  4. Is there an Excess ?
    Yes and it is 300 Euros.
  5. How about the petrol tank ?
    You need to bring back the car at the same petrol level you have picked it up.
  6. Where do we deliver ?
    We can deliver everywhere in Corfu.
  7. Is there a delivery charge ?
  8. What is the minimum age for a driver ?
    It is 23 years old and they must have a 2 year old licence.
  9. Do I need a special car licence in Corfu ?
    All car licences are valid in Corfu and Greece, as long as they have not expired.
  10. Is there a limit on kms ?
  11. Can I take the car outside of Corfu ?
    No. Unless otherwhise specified and agreed in writing with Yannis Rent a Car.
  12. Can I pay with a credit card ?
  13. Is there a charge for an extra driver ?
    Yes, it is 2 Euros per day.
  14. Do I need to buy a map ?
    No. We will provide with one.
  15. Are there any 24 hours emergency numbers that we can call ?
    For any emergency use the phone numbers below
    0030 2663081070, mob: 0030 6906794305
    Please note that if you call from a local phone omit the 0030 country code.
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For any enquiries just send an email to info@yiannisrentacar.gr, or go to the enquiries page to help you do so. However, it is a good idea to take a look first at he FAQs page, where you will find common questions already answered for you...
Alternatively, give us a call at 0030 2663081070, mob.: 0030 6906794305. We speak English, Romanian and Greek.

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